Event workflows

Our event workflows are designed in such a way that all event related tasks are performed in the most efficient order. The workflow for each event begins with an analysis of the event’s goals. Once the big picture has thus been obtained, we flesh it out by addressing all of the various details that go to make up a successful event, thus enabling us to develop just the right strategy for your event. Each event workflow also involves the event preparation process and timely inclusion of all necessary outside providers. Once the event is over, we turn our attention to PR via all available media, with a view to entering the event in the annals of your company’s history so that it can be used for promotional purposes at a later date.

Analysis phase

For us, analysis in connection with an event means asking the right questions, first off in terms of the big picture. What’s the nature and scope of the event? What exactly does the customer want us to accomplish?
We of course work out the answers to these questions in collaboration with the customer and in so doing define the event objectives and design the event around them. In this context, we also address the following issues: success measurement; integration of the event into the customer’s current marketing communication; leveraging spin-off benefits; report optimization; and getting the event online.

Strategizing phase

The analysis phase generates the questions needed to define the event objectives and the strategizing phase provides the answers to these questions. We develop an effective strategy in consultation with the customer so as to optimally leverage the customer’s experience in his industry and ours in the event management industry.

Implementation phase

We produce and manage all aspects of each event, based on positive experience with vendors of long standing; and thus we are in a position to find the exactly right solution for each customer’s event. Thanks to our outstanding international team of service providers and creative artists, each event and the strategy underlying it are implemented impeccably.

Legal considerations

It’s increasingly important nowadays to consider the legal aspects of an event, in addition to its organizational dimension. The problems in this regard often entail details that are overlooked, such as the following: Might it not perhaps have been better to use a different artist’s contract for the live broadcast of an event? Wouldn’t it have been permissible exhibit a third party brand in this context? Was not notifying the event to the police the right move?
And it’s of course a great advantage to have expert legal advice in respect to such matters. Spire events chief executive Boris Wienholz is a licensed attorney and can look into any legal issues that may be entailed by your event.

Post-event activities

In most cases, companies do little or nothing by way of post-event leveraging activities, although such activities can yield rich rewards. For example, the sales department can contact non-attendees with a view to making them regret not having been there, or can send such customers a multi-media presentation about the event. Press releases can be sent out, and members of an Internet community can tell their friends and acquaintances about the event.

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5 July 2010
“Now we’re on an equal footing with others and have also proven that Mannheim is a place for creative endeavors,” says spire!events cofounder and co-owner Boris Wienholz, who can hardly believe his good fortune.
25 May 2010
When people come back from a trip, they always have all sorts of stories to tell. That’s probably what Boris Wienholz and Marcus Seip, the co-chief executives of the event and film agency spire!events from Mannheim, Germany thought too. But this idea in particular...

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